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Legless Corpse gave the creators of Blood Root #1 a really nice review! Thanks, Sara!


A new Webcomics Capsules is up!

My recs this month are hayleypowers' Ripples and sawdustbear's The Center of Otherworld Science. Have you read them?

Women Write About Comics(and Carolina, who is one of my favourite writers there) reviewed Center for Otherworld Science in a recent Webcomics Capsule! 


I launched my Kickstarter this morning for an awesome comic. It’s got cicads and tapirs, narwhals and emus. And more!

If you thought that Angela Boyle’s Blood Root illustration was cool(inside front cover, if you were wondering), check out the natural science comic anthology that she is putting together! 


So I just launched this kickstarter today! Please take a look, share it around, and if you can contribute anything at all it would be much appreciated! I can’t do it without you! :) Thanks for looking!

Let’s send Tara to Ireland! (You can also get a copy of the minicomic we’re publishing, In your Wake, at a few of the levels!)  


My Blacks Don’t Match! - Page 18

If you read and enjoyed Drew Rausch and Jocelyn Gajeway’s story in Blood Root #1, I implore you to check out their webcomic, My Blacks Don’t Match. It’s strange and unsettling absurdist fun, and it’s just SO good. 

Sawdust Press is excited to announce our first issue of Blood Root, a moody horror anthology. This issue contains stories by James Neish, Elise Vermeulen, Drew Rausch and Jocelyn Gajeway, and Tarwater Studio, with additional art by Angela Boyle and me.

It was truly a pleasure getting to work with all of these talented creators, and I am delighted with how the book turned out.

Blood Root #1 is downloadable for free or pay-what-you-can on Gumroad, and physical copies are available in our Storenvy store(preorder-ish; they’ll go out the second week of July). 

If you would like to support Sawdust Press on an ongoing basis, which helps us pay our creators and offer all our digital downloads for free, you can do so on Patreon!


The back cover of Blood Root #1. It has 7 ghostly blobs, to represent the 7 creators that worked on this book(James Neish, Elise Vermeulen, Drew Rausch and Jocelyn Gajeway, Molly and Margaret from Tarwater Studio, and Angela Boyle). I forgot to paint a ghost-me in, oops.

I also had some questions about the typeface I’ve been using for Blood Root. It’s called Times New Fuckthisshit, and I made it. If you’re a Patreon subscriber to me and Sawdust Press, you can have it for free


We recently had the opportunity to create a two page comic for sawdustpress's Blood Root anthology! So cue the two-years-overdue introduction of Cold.

Did you know I have trouble counting? I miscounted the pages for Blood Root #1, and was left with two extra pages. Fortunately, the brilliant ladies of Tarwater Studio were happy to let me license this moody, eerie, two page story for reprint. I’m in love with their art and their storytelling style, and I’m probably gonna bug them a lot when I open up submissions for Blood Root #4.

Anyway, Blood Root #1 goes to the printers on Monday and I am so excited to show you what the amazing creators in it have wrought. 


The cover for Blood Root #1

While we’re doing Sawdust Press updates, I’ve been spending the past week in book layout land! Also, I had to send the cover budget for this book over to another one of the issues, so I ended up painting this cover myself. Yaaaay. But, by the end of the week, Blood Root #1 will be off to the printers! It has been a pleasure working with these creators and I cannot wait to show you their work.

I’m very excited to announce that Sawdust Press will be publishing a comic by Tara Abbamondi this year! The title of the project is undergoing some revamping(it is currently The Comic Formerly Known as Red Skies), but it is a story about family and the ocean and friendship, and I am very much in love with it.

Here is a preview of the first four pages - I love Tara’s elegant and sketchy lines and as you can already tell, this story already contains a few of Tara’s visual signatures - beards and rainboots and lots of plaid.

We’re aiming for a publish date of July-ish - stay tuned for more details!

A preview of Drew Rausch and Jocelyn Gajeway’s comic, One Plus One is Three.

Blood Root #1 is just about to be sent off to print, which is ridiculously exciting,. All of the artists have sent their pages in, and I just have a couple of book design things to do. Blood Root #1 will also feature illustrations by Angela Boyle.

Blood Root #1’s current roster is James Neish, Jocelyn Gajeway and Drew Rausch, and Elise Vermeulen. (What happened to Tara? Good and exciting things! I’ll tell you soon, probably tomorrow.)

Lots of previews and announcements coming up this week! Stay tuned for me to finally get through all my email. :)

Another preview from Tara of her Blood Root story! 
Follow her on Twitter for more! 

Another preview from Tara of her Blood Root story! 

Follow her on Twitter for more! 

Just look at this preview from James’ Blood Root story. He’s just so damn good. 

(from James’ instagram feed.)


Annie and Hamish from my story for the Blood Root anthology!

I was going to give Hamish his hat, but I became a wee bit obsessed with that weird little curl in front. He’s too cute.  Anyway, this is a selkie story kind of without the selkie? You’ll see.


Some of Tara’s character work for Blood Root(She’ll be in Issue #1). Tara drawing beards is pretty much my favourite thing.