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Liz Ohanesian wrote an article about me and Sawdust Press at Wondercon! 

Wondercon was fantastic! We had a bunch of things going on at the table, so here’s a handy guide to what you may have been interested in!

  • If you’re looking for the awesome woman with blue hair, she is the wonderful and talented CB Webb, and you should read her beautiful webcomic, The Hanged Man. She’ll also be in an upcoming issue of Blood Root in late 2014.
  • If you are interested in Blood Root, submissions are currently closed, but will open again in late 2014. You can review the guidelines here.
  • If you were interested in the monster sculptures, that’s my art, and you can follow me on Tumblr here and read the comic they are tangentially connected to here - the Center for Otherworld Science. Also, my website is
  • If you were really into the art in Marie and Jeanne, that’s by the ridiculously amazing James Neish.
  • And of course, if you wanted a digital copy of our books, they are always pay-what-you-can on Gumroad, and Marie and Jeanne is also currently available on Comixology

Thank you for coming by! I loved meeting every one of you and I am honored and grateful that you support our work! 

Character designs from James for his Blood Root story. He’ll always be one of my favourite artists!

Follow him on Facebook, or his website,

Submissions for Blood Root are currently closed! They’ll open again in late 2014 for Issue 4 and beyond.

Thank you! 

Hey, Wondercon is this weekend! We’ll be at Small Press Table 59, with a bunch of awesome things you can look at. 

Here’s what we’ll have on hand(with prices, if you need them)! 

Book and Zine Inventory:

Marie and Jeanne #1 - $3

Marie and Jeanne #2 - $3

Marie and Jeanne #3 (New at Wondercon!) - $3

Center for Otherworld Science #1 - $6

Center for Otherworld Science #2 (New at Wondercon!) - $6

Marlowe the Monster Vol 1. - $12

The Tribble Story (comic zine) - $2 (New at Wondercon!)

What Would Yellow Ranger Do? (comic zine) - $2 (New at Wondercon!)

…and possibly the last couple copies of I Was a Teenage Gargoyle and The Macbeth Signal zine as well. 

Other Merch:

Postcards and prints! Lots of them. Prints are $10, and postcards are $1.50 or 3 for $5.

Fairybug Pins. They’re super cute laser cut wood pins, and they’re $10 each. I’ll actually have five designs or so on hand!

Resin cast mini figures. I’ve been working on these little dudes for months, but they’ll be debuting at Wondercon! I’ll have Jellybean Buggish Dorbals, Conehead Larmish Dorbals and Sluggish Dorbals. They’ll be $16 each, or 2 for $30.

I’ll also have a handful of original sketches and paintings, but for those of you who follow my sculpture work, I will NOT have any sculpture work to sell this time around. I’m just way too busy! I will be bringing some of my Dubious Beasts work to preview at the con, though, if you’d like to actually see some of my tiny critters in person!

Blood Root doesn’t come out until July - but I’ll have postcards for it! Blood Root artist CB Webb will also be coming to hang out at the booth some of the time!

Hope to see you there! 

Blood Root flyer postcards for Wondercon! There’s some weird artifacting in the second streak that I’ll fix in the next batch, but I wanted to at least start getting the word out early!

Asker alanapaints Asks:
what's the deadline for your next submission cycle?
sawdustpress sawdustpress Said:

Well, since issue #1-#3 is it for 2014, I’d say they’ll probably open again in very late 2014 for 2015 publication.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
You still accepting Blood Root pitches?
sawdustpress sawdustpress Said:

Yes, but there is only one slot I’m looking to fill right now, for Issue #3.

If you have a black and white story with an absurdist or surreal approach, set in an interesting non-Western setting, it may be a good fit. 

So excited to see a preview of James’ Blood Root story today! It’s insidiously terrifying and adorable all at the same time(Well, the first half is adorable. It is a horror story.) 

Follow James on Facebook at -

More Blood Root previews and announcements are on the way this week!


I decided to make The Center for Otherworld Science comic a bit more accessible, so it now exists in webcomic form

For regular updates, you can follow it on Tumblr! It updates about a chapter a month(7-10 pages)…

The Marie and Jeanne site will also be getting an update shortly, and will move back to regular weekly updates!


The Toast(who I love working with) reached out to me a couple of weeks ago to ask if I’d like to illustrate a wonderful story by Helen Craig about Schrödinger’s Cat.

I asked Helen and my editor if I could adapt it into comic(ish) form, instead of just sending in a couple illustrations, and they said yes - so I did!

It’s a beautiful, haunting, and sad story, and you’ll probably want to hug your cat.

You can read the entire story on The Toast - don’t forget Helen’s author’s notes, I think they’re important to the story.

Full story here - Schrödinger’s Cat Speaks (Written by Helen Craig, illustrated by me)

James sent in the cover for Issue 3 of Marie and Jeanne today, and it is gorgeous, as usual! That means that I’ll be spending the next week in book formatting land, as well as getting the next round of Blood Root contracts sent out. Oh, the unglamorous part of publishing. :)

Issue #2 of Marie and Jeanne is out on Comixology today! 

James Neish delivers some absolutely gorgeous work this issue, and we’re nearly done with issue #3 (he just gets better every issue, and already started at amazing), so this is a good time to catch up.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I have a question concerning submition -can we submit work that has been done but not published yet (a completely finished comic), instead of writing a pitch, and giving samples of work? Thank you.
sawdustpress sawdustpress Said:


Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi , For mean 6*9cm for our comics in each page ?
sawdustpress sawdustpress Said:

No! 6x9 inches for a full page, which is 15.24x22.86cm. If accepted, you’ll get further notes on full bleed, safe areas, etc.  

We may make very tiny books in the future, but Blood Root is not it.